• Zirkon

    Zircon presents a new alternative, an opportunity to meet exceptional aesthetic quality combined with strong utility. A biocompatible material with long-term prognosis, with the precision of CAD/CAM-technology, without any compromise.
  • Straumann Cares CAD/CAM system

    CAD/CAM became an inevitable element of modern dental technology. We are the first dental lab installing and using the Straumann Cares 3. generation scanner in Hungary - as a result we receive the most accurate frameworks which can be produced today. Applying this technology allows us to reach such a security and quality standard that goes far beyond traditional methods. To meet Your precise expectations, we always use the up-to-date developments of the system in our lab.
  • Metal-ceramic replacements

    The main profile of our lab: we have been successfully serving our clients with the same spirit and dedication for the last 16 years. We believe, that a satisfied customer is the best tradesign. Quintessential to our working process is the prudent selection and application of compatible materials, precision and aesthetics, that well harmonize with our patients' individual conditions.
  • Press-ceramic works with Ivoclar IPS e-max system

    The Ivoclar IPS e.max-system offers a perfect solution for high aesthetic demands. The experience of the manufacturer and the users grant us this well-experienced technology, which we use with outstanding success in well chosen cases - for our all satisfaction.
  • Composite Gradia inlays

    The micro-hybrid composite with ceramic filling unites all the positive aspects of both materials. Standing the test of a decade, its proven success lies in excellent attachment, perfect color harmony with natural teeth and the simplicity of indirect replacements.
  • Golden inlay, onlay

    It has been in application for already half a century thank for its indisputable benefits. It is not by accident, that the biggest manufacturers still offer accessories to work with gold - its usage with microscopic precision and its antibacterial features themselves justify a successful usage.
  • Universal templates for implanting

    We were the first lab to adopt the universal implanting operation (UniGuide) templates, which allow us to minimize the risks during an operation with a pre-planned software virtualization.